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Terms and Conditions

  1. These terms and conditions governs the relationship between the person, henceforth referred to as the “Client” providing and authorising the posting on nowEternal a memorial and obituary service hosted on, AND the publisher of nowEternal being Mkini Dotcom Sdn Bhd, henceforth referred to as “Malaysiakini”.
  2. By providing the content and completing the payment for the posting, the Client agrees to the following terms and conditions:
  3. Clients are entitled to purchase any package based on membership with Malaysiakini. Prices for non-members may differ.
  4. By providing text, pictures, video or any other content, the Client warrants that they have full rights to provide such content, hereafter collectively known as a posting. The Client fully licences such content, in perpetuity, to Malaysiakini to be displayed in all Malaysiakini sites and mobile apps.
  5. The Client is fully responsible for the content it provides and will indemnify and hold Malaysiakini harmless from any legal or other actions brought against Malaysiakini for publishing said material.
  6. All posting is subject to moderation and Malaysiakini reserves all rights to refuse publishing in the case of unsubstantiated legal documentation, fraudulent or illegal information and unethical mention of the deceased.
  7. Once an item is published, clients are allowed only two requests for modification and may do so by writing directly to [email protected]
  8. For writing requests made, clients will be responsible for approving writing services provided by Malaysiakini. Once published, clients are fully responsible for information made public including legality, reliability and appropriateness.
  9. Upon submitting a posting for nowEternal,
    1. should Malaysiakini decide that the posting is not approved, for any reason, a service charge of 10% will be imposed and the balance would be refunded.
    2. Upon publishing, should there be a third-party complaint, or if there are other reasons of disputes that lead to the unpublishing of the posting by Malaysiakini, a full refund shall be provided
    3. Should the Client request a removal of the posting within 48 hours, a service charge of 50% will be imposed and the balance will be refunded within 7 days.
    4. In the case that false information has been provided or there is a deliberate breach in terms and conditions, the post will be unpublished and no refund will be made.
  10. Malaysiakini is not responsible for the distribution of the obituaries or memorials. Clients are solely responsible for its distribution and to ensure the dignified use of materials. Clients are able to share the obituaries or memorials on all social media platforms but Malaysiakini is not responsible for comments made on such social media platforms.
  11. Malaysiakini undertakes to maintain the posting indefinitely. Nevertheless, the posting may be unavailable temporarily, due to a technical error by Malaysiakini or third party Internet providers.
  12. In the event that the posting is lost permanently, due to technical error by Malaysiakini or other parties, within 12 months of the posting, Clients can request a full refund for the posting. There shall be no other compensation or claims against Malaysiakini beyond the amount paid to Malaysiakini.
  13. These Terms and Conditions may be altered at any time by Malaysiakini.
If you have any questions regarding our Terms and Conditions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]