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Kenneth Khoo
Kenneth Khoo
Kenneth Khoo
The funniest person who ever walked the planet
September 7, 1953  -  January 1, 2021

Departed January 1st 2021

I wait quietly before God,

for my victory comes from Him.

He alone is my salvation,

my fortress where l will never

be broken

Psalm 62 1:2

We hear your whispers gently

prompting compassion.

We see your likeness when we

see selflessness.

We feel your embrace when

someone shows us benevolence.

We remember your counsel

to keep God near.

We sense your presence when

we are alone.

Yet, there is a longing in our hearts

for all to be as it once was.

You present, you visiting, you at

birthdays, you at Christmas and

you just being Papa,

But comforted we are to know that

the One above has you in His arms

whilst we have you living on in

our hearts.

Dearly missed by family

and loved ones.

(This obituary is adapted from a tribute to ANTHONY REGINALD CORNELIUS) 

"From dust we come, to dust we return"